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Mini Sharpies and Mini Pens in All Colors with a Keychain for Adding to a Badge Reel.
Purple, Lt. Blue, and Green Sharpie / Pen Combinations for Badge Reels.
Select a Pentel Mini RSVP Pen Color From Red, Orange, Green, Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue, Purple, Pink, or Black.
Select a Mini Sharpie Color from Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue, or Black!

Mini Sharpie and Pen Keychain Set for Badge Reel

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You pick the Sharpie AND pen color!!! Make your life easier with a little keychain containing an. R. S. V. P. Pen and Sharpie to add to your favorite badge reel.

Black pens will be customized with my shop name on them!

Color combinations are completely customizable! You pick what your keychain will look like!

I use the smallest split ring I can to reduce bulk and weight when adding it to your badge reel.

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